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Chibi Beyond Birthday and Natsuki Akihana :iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 7 2 Meant to Be Yours (JD) :iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 7 17 More JD in Various Stages :iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 2 28 Jason JD Dean from Heathers the Musical :iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 8 23 Different Clothing Style Art :iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 11 16
Bucky's 100th
(Y/N)’s PoV
“Your birthday,” I repeated impatiently. “When is it?”
Bucky’s steel blue eyes regarded me warily, his shoulders tense. “March 10th…” he replied cautiously. “Why?
I smiled smugly to myself at the new information, and replied with a singing lilt to my satisfied voice. “No reason~” I stood up, pecked his forehead affectionately, then walked out happily, leaving him staring at the back of my head in disbelief.
I spent the following month or so tracking down certain items and parts, all the while trying to avoid FRODAY’s cameras, Tony, and Bucky, which meant I spent most if not all my free time in my room. Things got a little difficult when I was tracking down Bucky’s silencer. According to the museum, it was lost at a battle in Europe. When I got there, however, it turned out to be one of the factories that Steve had blown up, so naturally there was metal EVERY
:iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 12 18
Killua Zoldyck :iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 4 6
Joke's On You (Slytherin!LokiXSlyherin!Reader)
    I tapped my foot impatiently as everyone else around me was called, one by one, to the ancient looking Sorting Hat. I already knew which House I was, so we might as well have gotten me over with. I smiled secretively to myself as I climbed the few stairs and sat down on the stool, knowing that I would end up in Gryffindor, and meet Harry Potter, and become his wi-
    I blanched. That couldn’t be right; I wasn’t evil, or conniving, or sneaky. And i certainly wasn’t a Pureblood. My Muggle parents had endowed me with plain (E/C) eyes and dull (H/C) hair, certainly not the illustrious, well-groomed blond or black nor the sharp, mistrusting glare of a typical Slytherin.
    I slowly got up and trudged over to the very end of the Slytherin table, wishing more than anyth
:iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 8 23
Lost Silver :iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 1 0
Blind Love (ThorXAsgardian!Injured!Reader)
    I sighed idly as I stared down at the Midgardian Realm through the faux-looking glass I’d created from a small pond I adored visiting in the woods. Yes, I was Asgardian, but not all of us were Sif’s or Sigyn’s level of otherworldly beauty, or of Queen Frigga’s level of confidence and sheer skill and kindness. I envied the Midgardians in this aspect; they could find and fall in love with someone regardless of skin color or other physical characteristics. Asgardians, on the other hand, were very shallow, and judged first by looks and second by quality of characteristics.
    Today, on Midgard, was one of both my favorite and most hated days of the Midgardian year, something they seem to call “Saint Valentine’s Day”, in which the infatuated young males of the Realm acquired, through the trade of money, sweet goods and small toys and other items to express their devotion and admiration. In some parts of t
:iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 9 45
Kanato Sakamaki :iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 8 0 Little Mikaela Hyakuya :iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 5 0 Picture for Avengers Scarves :iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 2 18 Chibi Yami Bakura :iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 3 0 Killua Zoldyck :iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 6 0 Chibi Romano/South Italy/Lovino Vargas :iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 8 13


Vampire!Spain x Reader- Whatever You Say
You sat down on a bench at the park. This was supposed to be your meeting place, or at least he'd said so.
"[Name]? Um, if you get this message anytime soon, I need to talk to you. I know it's kind of late, but it's really important. Meet me at the park. Lo siento, chica..."
Toni's voicemail replayed itself in your mind. He sounded worried—more so than he would normally be, even if something was important.
You'd known Toni for a few years, meeting him back in the 10th grade. Since then, he'd grown closer and closer to you, so you were able to stay with him when you went off to college. His friends, Gil and Francis, often teased you two for having such a close friendship. Ever since Toni had given you a present for the first time—which happened to be a very pretty [favorite color] rose necklace—he and you had apparently been a couple, according to them.
You'd never really thought about your relationship with him as something like that, even when something like
:iconohitzmimzy:OhItzMimzy 110 10
Opposites Attract (Sokka x Reader)
Sokka sat on his own as he watched the only firebender, besides Zuko, train. That was all they did and it infuriated him. Why? Because Sokka was hopelessly in love with Y/N but they were always training. They trained whilst they ate, they trained whilst on watch duty, they trained (mentally) whilst on Appa and they even trained in their sleep by occasionally creating a ball of fire above their head that shaped itself like their thoughts. Sokka would of given up hope if not for what he had seen the night before.
Last night whilst he was on his watch duty, as usual he watched that ball of fire mold itself into various shapes with a slight level of interest until it shaped it a familiar shape; him. It was his face just hovering above their head and it didn't change all night. In the morning they sat up and then moved to the far edge of the camp to train.
That small ball of fire had given so much hope to Sokka that he was planning how to talk to them... Once he had asked everyone else for
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 6 1
New Man (Bucky x Reader)

I heard he spent five hundred pounds on jeans
Goes to the gym at least six times a week
Wears boat shoes with no socks on his feet
And I heard he's on a new diet and watches what he eats
He's got his eyebrows plucked and his arsehole bleached
Owns every single Ministry CD
Tribal tattoos and he don't know what it means
But I heard he makes you happy so that's fine by me

“Hey, Buck”, Steve trotted into the kitchen where his best friend already sits at the counter, a bowl of cereal in front of him and his cell phone in his hand.
The brunette just grumbles a low 'morning', not taking his eyes off the phone.
Steve walks past him to retrieve a cup and pours himself some coffee, before sitting opposite his pal.
“This is Sam's cereal”, he notes with a glance at the bowl.
Bucky just nods and types something on his phone, a frown settling on his face.
“He ate mine, so I eat his.”
Steve sighs, already imagining the discussion that will ensure from the
:iconsnakesgoethe:SnakesGoethe 8 4
Death the Kid x Reader: Symmetrical Friends
:bulletblack: :bulletwhite: Death the Kid x Reader: Symmetrical Friends :bulletblack: :bulletwhite:
As a little girl, (F/n) had always known her answer, when adults asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up. In her young mind, she’d always assumed she’d be an artist. She’d been drawing and coloring as long as she could remember, so it seemed like the natural choice of career. But now just after her twelfth birthday, she wasn’t so sure anymore. . .
It wasn’t because her interests had changed, but rather that her physical abilities had spoken for her. Or rather, spoken to her parents.
(F/n)’s  parents were a Master Meister and Weapon duo, though in recent years they had begun to discuss early retirement. (F/n) had always known about her parents resonance bond and service to Lord Death, but she’d never considered following their footsteps. . . Well, until she’d shown signs of being a Weapon herself.
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 23 7
Space Between Us (Hikaru x Reader x Kaoru)
It was a known fact in the host club that Hikaru and Kaoru were in love with the same girl; Y/N L/N, the granddaughter of a foreign businessman. No one knew if she loved anyone not that she would be allowed to because she was engaged to the son of her family's rival. So the twins pined endlessly doing everything they could to gain her attention hopefully so Y/N's grandfather wouldn't keep rejecting their marriage proposals. The idea of a polygamous marriage did not bode well with the traditionalist ideals of Y/N's grandfather.
So once again the two boys were begging Y/N to love them, to understand them, to want inviting them to the host club.
Through Haruhi.
Currently the two boys were perched in a bush watching Haruhi invite Y/N to the club.
Unfortunately for them it was not working well.
"Please come to the club."
"No thanks Fujioka-san. I'm good."
"I don't care. Now if you will excuse me I'm late to my piano lesson."
Haruhi was a bust. Who would be better?
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 10 4
Doctorstrange :iconfilavenom:FilaVenom 54 8 IRON vs Cap Promo :iconfilavenom:FilaVenom 25 3 phil :iconmechanicalanakal:mechanicalanakal 14 12
Bruce x Reader (Part Two)
    My eyes were closed and I was content in resting my eyes while leaning on Bruce. I figured I could stay there for at least a few moments without him growing suspicious of my maybe-a-little-more-than-friendly feelings towards him.
    I never expected to fall asleep on him though.
Bruce's POV
    It wasn't until I heard (Name)'s slow, rhythmic breathing patterns that I became aware of the fact that she was asleep.
    Hesitantly turning to get a better view of her and see if my inference was valid, I couldn't help but admire how peaceful she appeared.
    I also couldn't help but wonder how a sweetheart like her could possibly be so kind to a monster like me.
         'Don't think like that.' I tried to tell myself. 'If (Name) were awake, she'd be able to see right through that thick skull and tell you to stop judging yourself.'
    I chuckled lightly to myself at the thought, and managed to
:iconasokaechoof21:AsokaECHoof21 2 3
Hope (Zuko x Reader)
"So, how are you enjoying the festival? You know, the one held in the honour of the Fire Lord, which is you by the way, down there and not up in here in your bedroom."
She's as snarky as ever.
Without turning away from the window he replied, "They are all enjoying themselves. Besides Ozai was dead only a week ago. How can they put that much trust in his child?"
"Maybe, just maybe, because you are so different."
"How?" He then turned to her and regretted it because he felt his breath catch in his throat. She was beautiful dressed in a traditional fire nation dress with her hair down.
"You helped the Avatar, you saved your people, you stood up to your crazy sister. You have even kept the traditions of the Fire Nation whilst changing things a bit to allow people to be happy. So come on, your friends are here as well."
"Y/N they are your friends too."
She shrugged before attempting to blow a strand of hair out of her eyes.
Y/N had been by his side since they were children. As anothe
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 19 4
Uncle Buck [REQUEST] Bucky Nephew!Reader OneShot
Can I ask a request? Can you do a Bucky and Male Nephew!Reader? (The boy is the son of Steve and Bucky is the uncle of the boy/Reader?)
You open your eyes, the nap you had taken in the car on the way to the cabin happened accidentally, but it gave your father and mother some relief from the never ending questions about your 'Uncle.'
He wasn't really your uncle, you knew that much, after all, your dad didn't have any brothers. You figured who you were going to stay with was your uncle like Sam was.
The cabin came into view, out front was a man chopping down a tree in a black T-shirt and jeans.
"Is that Uncle Bucky?" You asked, looking at your dad curiously, he nodded.
"Bucky and I have been friends for a long time, he is practically family, (Y/N), the two of you are going to have a great time, being men and stuff," you nodded and as the car drove up the driveway you felt your stomach flip, you sure were going to miss your parents.
"It's only for the weekend, kiddo," your mother said wit
:iconarthionn:Arthionn 3 4
I Hate You (Bucky Barnes x Reader)
You weren't sure what it was, exactly, that made you hate Bucky Barnes.
He really was a nice guy, he held the door open if someone was behind him in entering a room, he always made extra breakfast just in case someone else wanted some of whatever he made, for god sakes the man helped you with training when ever you needed someone. But there was the way that his voice was just shoot straight through you, the way that when ever you saw his face you could distract yourself completely, the way that he said your name, or called you doll that got to you, even if every encounter the two of you had was not exactly friendly… not even civil sometimes.
You hated Bucky Barnes and his stupid life-ruining face.
“(Y/L/N), what are you doing awake?” You heard Bucky say behind you, you were sitting on the couch in the living room with a cup of tea in your hands, hoping to soon fall asleep, but alas, no sleep would come.
Little did you know, Bucky also hated you in the very same way yo
:iconarthionn:Arthionn 15 5
Trippin' Bucky a Reader One Shot
   It had been a rather peaceful night, Bucky, your roommate, was still out with Steve. He had said they were going to be at the Smithsonian and then probably get a drink after they were done and expected to be home before midnight,though, now it was four in the morning, granted youhad gone to bed around one, figuring Bucky would get back when he got back, and if he had to spend the night in the hallway because he forgot his key then so be it.
   You had woken up when you heard the front door of the apartment creak open and then shut, you were satisfied to hear the click of the few locks. After the locks were put back into place, the faucet in the kitchen began to run, and you could hear the closing of some cabinets. Bucky was home, You smiled to yourself, glad that your friend had made it home in one piece. It was a few minutes and you heard a clatter and the sound of a glass shattering, that caused your eyes to roll almost on their own accord.
:iconarthionn:Arthionn 4 1
You Don't Get Better Pt. 2 (Bucky Barnes x Reader)
It had been five months since Max had cheated on (Y/N), she had gone through the normal stages of a breakup and had finally moved on, though, the subject was still sort of tender. (Y/N) and Bucky began hanging out, just like they used to, movies on Friday nights, going on a coffee run together after they worked out, messing with Sam, and they even got into the habit of starting each other’s lunch for them if they woke up before each other. To everyone else it was so plainly, so painfully obvious that they liked each other, especially to their same gender counterparts.
Of course, the two were together often, but (Y/N) always made time for Natasha and Wanda, who were still trying to get her to admit her feelings for Bucky, though she would deny tooth and nail that there was nothing there. Of course, while they trained, Steve would mention (Y/N) and how close she and Bucky were and then suggest that something might be going on. Of course there really was nothing, but still, both of
:iconarthionn:Arthionn 8 4
You Don't Get Better (Bucky Barnes x Reader)
Bucky sat at the couch in the living room on the floor he shared with Steve, Sam, and Y/N. Y/N, now there was a girl who knew how to take care of herself. With her (h/c) locks, her sparkling (e/c) eyes, and the ever pleasant blush that dusted across her (s/c) cheeks, she was the epitome of beautiful. But her beauty was just one single side to her, she had this certain way with words that made him unsure how to act at times, and a kind of all over the place-ness about her that at times made it hard to follow her train of thought, but it never failed to make Bucky smile. Her power, Bucky thought, was for sure the most impressive thing about her.
Y/N was a mutant, she was possibly the most powerful mutant he had ever met. Y/N could manipulate matter, be it fire, water, metal or plastic, hell, if she concentrated hard enough she could cause a pretty nasty wind storm or a thunderstorm, but even so, she kept to the basics, water, fire, and metal, but lord did she have an affinity for metal.
:iconarthionn:Arthionn 12 6
Park [Bucky Barnes x Reader] Pt. 2
Park [Bucky Barnes x Reader] Pt. 2
Bucky POV
I sat on the couch of the floor I shared with Steve, Sam, and (Y/N), who some how managed to worm her way into the spot of Best Friend status. I couldn't help it, she was just so cute, sure she and I flirted plenty, but it was all laughter and fun. Anyway, after we all gathered into her room to watch The Patriot, everyone soon found ourselves doing more things together.
Sam, and (Y/N) are in a vicious battle as to see who the best cook is. I'm convinced it's (Y/N), she makes the best burgers.
Steve and Sam, Tony and (Y/N), and Nat and Bruce are all vigorously playing Call of Duty every Sunday morning to determine which team is the best, so far Steve and Sam are winning, but Tony and (Y/N) are both claiming that they've got a trick up their sleeve with the new classes they created for their rematch. They're going to lose.
I however find myself with her more than anyone else. We train together, run in the mornings together, get coffee together
:iconarthionn:Arthionn 8 6

I'm really enjoying this core membership, guys, not gonna lie, and I would like to extend it once it ends. That being said, I'd need points, but am unable to buy my own. Would you guys prefer to donate or commission me? 

3 deviants said Commission for art and/or literature! (In which case, is there some kind of procedure I need to go through or anything?)
1 deviant said Donate! (Tbh Imma have one of those donation thingies anyway, just in case, but I am definitely not averse to commissions in any way, plz don't think I'm needy)
No deviants said Other ways to help me get points easily? Please note me if you can help~!



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I love Loki, Tom Hiddleston, Bucky, Sebastian Stan, Killua Zoldyck, Yami Bakura/Akefia, Beyond Birthday, Adam (from Only Lovers Left Alive), Lost Silver, Hoodie, Glitchy Red, Tom Hiddleston, Amaimon, Mikaela Hyakuya (From Seraph of the End), Kanato Sakamaki (from Diabolik Lovers), Levi, Tom Hiddleston, Draco Malfoy, David Tenant, Tenth Doctor, Spain (from Hetalia), Eric (from Phantom of the Opera), Tom Hiddleston....There's more, I just can't remember them just now :P
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I know a lot of people probably hate or don't even read these, so I'll get straight to the point
An awesome, kind person is in financial need, and she's only asking for 1-5 dollars, or to spread this around as much as you can, since they've been working their ass off as far as their job and this site
Do any of think you could help them out?
Here's the link to their heartfelt journal~…

And the link where I think lets you donate…
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