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Female OC by CatalinaAcosta Female OC :iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 2 17 Little Canada/Matthew Williams by CatalinaAcosta Little Canada/Matthew Williams :iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 12 37 3rd Progenitor Krul Tepes by CatalinaAcosta 3rd Progenitor Krul Tepes :iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 10 62
Goodbye Part 2 (Mikaela HyakuyaXHuman!Fem!Reader)
(Y/N)'s PoV
    It's been eight years since the human children were commandeered and taken underground, four years since Mika and the rest of my family escaped. At least, I hoped they had escaped. I was 16 now, 5' 4", and had developed a slightly more feminine body. I wasn't as curvy as my mother had been, but I was hopeful I would get there eventually. I had large, inquisitive (Eye Color) eyes and long (Hair Color) hair that I kept pulled back in a loose ponytail. About a year after Mika and the others left, I got too lonely, and allowed a younger pair of siblings to move in with me, since they reminded me of when I had a sort-of family of my own. They called me 'Onee-chan' so much, that I eventually gave in and changed my last name to (Last Name), to match their's.
    Out of necessity, I continued giving blood to Ferid, the cruel vampire Noble, in exchange for money, extra food, books, toys, and other small favors. The other two, of course, ha
:iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 4 3
Chibi Beyond Birthday and Natsuki Akihana by CatalinaAcosta Chibi Beyond Birthday and Natsuki Akihana :iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 9 8 Meant to Be Yours (JD) by CatalinaAcosta Meant to Be Yours (JD) :iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 9 22 More JD in Various Stages by CatalinaAcosta More JD in Various Stages :iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 4 28 Jason JD Dean from Heathers the Musical by CatalinaAcosta Jason JD Dean from Heathers the Musical :iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 8 23 Different Clothing Style Art by CatalinaAcosta Different Clothing Style Art :iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 11 16
Bucky's 100th
(Y/N)’s PoV
“Your birthday,” I repeated impatiently. “When is it?”
Bucky’s steel blue eyes regarded me warily, his shoulders tense. “March 10th…” he replied cautiously. “Why?
I smiled smugly to myself at the new information, and replied with a singing lilt to my satisfied voice. “No reason~” I stood up, pecked his forehead affectionately, then walked out happily, leaving him staring at the back of my head in disbelief.
I spent the following month or so tracking down certain items and parts, all the while trying to avoid FRODAY’s cameras, Tony, and Bucky, which meant I spent most if not all my free time in my room. Things got a little difficult when I was tracking down Bucky’s silencer. According to the museum, it was lost at a battle in Europe. When I got there, however, it turned out to be one of the factories that Steve had blown up, so naturally there was metal EVERY
:iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 17 22
Killua Zoldyck by CatalinaAcosta Killua Zoldyck :iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 4 6
Joke's On You (Slytherin!LokiXSlyherin!Reader)
    I tapped my foot impatiently as everyone else around me was called, one by one, to the ancient looking Sorting Hat. I already knew which House I was, so we might as well have gotten me over with. I smiled secretively to myself as I climbed the few stairs and sat down on the stool, knowing that I would end up in Gryffindor, and meet Harry Potter, and become his wi-
    I blanched. That couldn’t be right; I wasn’t evil, or conniving, or sneaky. And i certainly wasn’t a Pureblood. My Muggle parents had endowed me with plain (E/C) eyes and dull (H/C) hair, certainly not the illustrious, well-groomed blond or black nor the sharp, mistrusting glare of a typical Slytherin.
    I slowly got up and trudged over to the very end of the Slytherin table, wishing more than anyth
:iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 8 23
Lost Silver by CatalinaAcosta Lost Silver :iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 1 0
Blind Love (ThorXAsgardian!Injured!Reader)
    I sighed idly as I stared down at the Midgardian Realm through the faux-looking glass I’d created from a small pond I adored visiting in the woods. Yes, I was Asgardian, but not all of us were Sif’s or Sigyn’s level of otherworldly beauty, or of Queen Frigga’s level of confidence and sheer skill and kindness. I envied the Midgardians in this aspect; they could find and fall in love with someone regardless of skin color or other physical characteristics. Asgardians, on the other hand, were very shallow, and judged first by looks and second by quality of characteristics.
    Today, on Midgard, was one of both my favorite and most hated days of the Midgardian year, something they seem to call “Saint Valentine’s Day”, in which the infatuated young males of the Realm acquired, through the trade of money, sweet goods and small toys and other items to express their devotion and admiration. In some parts of t
:iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 9 45
Kanato Sakamaki by CatalinaAcosta Kanato Sakamaki :iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 8 0 Little Mikaela Hyakuya by CatalinaAcosta Little Mikaela Hyakuya :iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 6 2


Vampire!Levi x Child!Reader: I know what you are..
It was a myth that Vampires burnt alive in the sunlight, it was also a myth that they would be repelled by the cross, a myth it was also that they hated garlic. It always made Levi snicker at some of the things that humans wrote about his kind, he found the up most humor in the Twilight series and then proceed to burn the three books in his fire place. He preferred his time spent in Victorian England were he was feared, the good ol' time were Vampires were horrific blood sucking creatures and not some pansy sparkling things.  
He was centuries old spending each one in comfort and in peace, he spent his time in many extravagant homes. First he owned a beautiful Gothic styled castle, each home him moved into was modern as the time went on. Now he owned a penthouse apartment, it was large, with many rooms that were fully furnished. He always spent his life alone, shutting out society choosing to observe them. Well... That was only half true...
''I can hear you''
''Awww, Levi!''
He le
:iconispiritual:iSpiritual 359 59
Welcome! by TutosBuho Welcome! :icontutosbuho:TutosBuho 2 0 Ciel Phantomhive winRAR Theme|Link En Descripcion by TutosBuho Ciel Phantomhive winRAR Theme|Link En Descripcion :icontutosbuho:TutosBuho 1 0 Tokyo Ghoul :re-Touka Render by TutosBuho by TutosBuho Tokyo Ghoul :re-Touka Render by TutosBuho :icontutosbuho:TutosBuho 11 0 Touka Render by TutosBuho Touka Render :icontutosbuho:TutosBuho 2 0 Owari No Seraph Google Chrome Theme by TutosBuho Owari No Seraph Google Chrome Theme :icontutosbuho:TutosBuho 5 0 Tema Iconpackager-Owari No Seraph by TutosBuho Tema Iconpackager-Owari No Seraph :icontutosbuho:TutosBuho 1 0 Owari No Seraph Folders by TutosBuho Owari No Seraph Folders :icontutosbuho:TutosBuho 1 0 Owari No Seraph-Mikaela Hykuya Cursor by TutosBuho Owari No Seraph-Mikaela Hykuya Cursor :icontutosbuho:TutosBuho 2 1 Owari No Seraph- Krul Tepes Cursor by TutosBuho Owari No Seraph- Krul Tepes Cursor :icontutosbuho:TutosBuho 8 0 Owari No Seraph- Yuichiro Hyakuya Cursor by TutosBuho Owari No Seraph- Yuichiro Hyakuya Cursor :icontutosbuho:TutosBuho 3 0 Yuichiro hyakuya render 1 by TutosBuho Yuichiro hyakuya render 1 :icontutosbuho:TutosBuho 1 0 Yuu Render 2 by TutosBuho Yuu Render 2 :icontutosbuho:TutosBuho 2 0 Seraph of the end- Yuu Render 3 by TutosBuho Seraph of the end- Yuu Render 3 :icontutosbuho:TutosBuho 3 0 Mitsuba and Shinoa Render by TutosBuho Mitsuba and Shinoa Render :icontutosbuho:TutosBuho 6 0 Realistic Draw by ibrahimnaseem Realistic Draw :iconibrahimnaseem:ibrahimnaseem 10 9

I'm really enjoying this core membership, guys, not gonna lie, and I would like to extend it once it ends. That being said, I'd need points, but am unable to buy my own. Would you guys prefer to donate or commission me? 

3 deviants said Commission for art and/or literature! (In which case, is there some kind of procedure I need to go through or anything?)
1 deviant said Donate! (Tbh Imma have one of those donation thingies anyway, just in case, but I am definitely not averse to commissions in any way, plz don't think I'm needy)
No deviants said Other ways to help me get points easily? Please note me if you can help~!



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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hello~~! I'm a full-time student, part-time artist/author, I love watching all sorts of animes, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Tom Hiddleston, Marvel movies, etc
I love Loki, Tom Hiddleston, Bucky, Sebastian Stan, Killua Zoldyck, Yami Bakura/Akefia, Beyond Birthday, Adam (from Only Lovers Left Alive), Lost Silver, Hoodie, Glitchy Red, Tom Hiddleston, Amaimon, Mikaela Hyakuya (From Seraph of the End), Kanato Sakamaki (from Diabolik Lovers), Levi, Tom Hiddleston, Draco Malfoy, David Tenant, Tenth Doctor, Spain (from Hetalia), Eric (from Phantom of the Opera), Tom Hiddleston....There's more, I just can't remember them just now :P
Tagged by SnakesGoethe 

Name: Prefer not to put here, but suffice to say it's not Lia or Catalina :/

Star sign: Scorpio

Average hours of sleep: Between 3 and 6, usually

Lucky number: 7

Last thing googled: Movies that are out this friday

Favorite fictional characters: Levi (Attack on Titan), Mikaela Hyakuya (Seraph of the End), Loki, Adam (Only Lovers Left Alive), Akefia (YuGiOh), Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds)

When did you start this account?: November 7th, 2016

Number of watchers: 35!!!

What do you post: Mostly oneshots of Reader Inserts, but I do post art, too

Current Attire: Yoga pants, red NYC t-shirt

Do you run any more blogs: Does my account count?? I'm The Professional Otaku there

Do you get a lot of comments?: No, not really. I typically get more favorites than comments :/

Why did you choose this username?: I needed a name that was unique, that no one else would have, so I picked the name of one of my many original characters XD Catalina Acosta is actually my Puerto Rican female OC for the Marvelvers

I tag
DeathToThePool AsgardianAngel Arthionn Dazer-GhOuL AsokaECHoof21 mechanicalanakal Ahiannon
  • Listening to: Hamilton



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hetaliaqueen12 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Hey I have a quick question I was wondering if people would read a The Signless fabric if it was an oc or if I should write it as a reader insert. What are your thoughts
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.............What's The Signless fabric....? >////<
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Look up the signless homestruck and you'll see what he is. He so cool!!! He's my favorite out of the Ancestors in Homestruck. Mituna is my favorite from the actual characters in the comic.
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Lmao ok
Well, it's been my experience and observation that most people on this site tend to prefer reader inserts
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