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Different Clothing Style Art :iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 2 11
Bucky's 100th
(Y/N)’s PoV
“Your birthday,” I repeated impatiently. “When is it?”
Bucky’s steel blue eyes regarded me warily, his shoulders tense. “March 10th…” he replied cautiously. “Why?
I smiled smugly to myself at the new information, and replied with a singing lilt to my satisfied voice. “No reason~” I stood up, pecked his forehead affectionately, then walked out happily, leaving him staring at the back of my head in disbelief.
I spent the following month or so tracking down certain items and parts, all the while trying to avoid FRODAY’s cameras, Tony, and Bucky, which meant I spent most if not all my free time in my room. Things got a little difficult when I was tracking down Bucky’s silencer. According to the museum, it was lost at a battle in Europe. When I got there, however, it turned out to be one of the factories that Steve had blown up, so naturally there was metal EVERY
:iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 7 16
Killua Zoldyck :iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 3 6
Joke's On You (Slytherin!LokiXSlyherin!Reader)
    I tapped my foot impatiently as everyone else around me was called, one by one, to the ancient looking Sorting Hat. I already knew which House I was, so we might as well have gotten me over with. I smiled secretively to myself as I climbed the few stairs and sat down on the stool, knowing that I would end up in Gryffindor, and meet Harry Potter, and become his wi-
    I blanched. That couldn’t be right; I wasn’t evil, or conniving, or sneaky. And i certainly wasn’t a Pureblood. My Muggle parents had endowed me with plain (E/C) eyes and dull (H/C) hair, certainly not the illustrious, well-groomed blond or black nor the sharp, mistrusting glare of a typical Slytherin.
    I slowly got up and trudged over to the very end of the Slytherin table, wishing more than anyth
:iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 3 6
Lost Silver :iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 1 0
Blind Love (ThorXAsgardian!Injured!Reader)
    I sighed idly as I stared down at the Midgardian Realm through the faux-looking glass I’d created from a small pond I adored visiting in the woods. Yes, I was Asgardian, but not all of us were Sif’s or Sigyn’s level of otherworldly beauty, or of Queen Frigga’s level of confidence and sheer skill and kindness. I envied the Midgardians in this aspect; they could find and fall in love with someone regardless of skin color or other physical characteristics. Asgardians, on the other hand, were very shallow, and judged first by looks and second by quality of characteristics.
    Today, on Midgard, was one of both my favorite and most hated days of the Midgardian year, something they seem to call “Saint Valentine’s Day”, in which the infatuated young males of the Realm acquired, through the trade of money, sweet goods and small toys and other items to express their devotion and admiration. In some parts of t
:iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 6 16
Kanato Sakamaki :iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 8 0 Little Mikaela Hyakuya :iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 5 0 Picture for Avengers Scarves :iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 2 14 Chibi Yami Bakura :iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 3 0 Killua Zoldyck :iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 6 0 Chibi Romano/South Italy/Lovino Vargas :iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 7 13
Not This Time Pt 2 (YoichiSaotomeXVampire!Reader)
I don't need it. Mikaela-san lasted four years.
I need it. I'm not Mikaela-san. I'm weak.
The friendly brunette shook and cradled his head, trying to block out his own thoughts and the sound of that precious liquid he craved, all around him. His new canine teeth throbbed and his heart constricted. He wheezed and coughed, clutching at his chest.
He knew very well what he needed, or rather, what his body was crying out for. But he also knew that he would never indulge himself.
He pressed his tongue against his fangs, trying to alleviate the throbbing. He sat in the corner behind the door, close to the window. It had only been two weeks since the battle that had killed him, and he was filled with guilt and self-hatred and thirst.
It would be so simple. Someone's coming now.
"Yoi-kun?" (Y/N)'s slightly worried voice drifted through the door, and he froze, fingers twitching. "Are you okay?" Yoichi Saotome sniffed deeply, drawing in her scent. She smelled l
:iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 3 0
Amaimon the Earth King :iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 1 0 Crowley Eusford :iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 8 2 Canada (Matthew Williams) :iconcatalinaacosta:CatalinaAcosta 7 5


Link X Deaf!Reader- unusual.
Link X Handmaiden! Deaf! Reader
her/she pronouns used for reader
when you see '--' it means some time has passed
*also note-this is kind of set after all the games and what not? because everyone is aged up 
*link is in his mid-to-late-twenties, while reader is around 20ish
italics is sign language.
- 'something' - is written word
There have always been rumors going around from time to time. Sometimes they were unrelated things that were whispered through the villages, and got twisted through the grapevine. But one rumor never changed and was constant, always being talked about.
That rumor was about Princess Zelda and the Hero of Hyrule, Link.
Those rumors consisted of the same thing. They were in love, that eventually the two would marry and they would make the ultimate royal couple. 
But none of those rumors were true. 
Yes, Link loved Zelda, but it was merely platonic. He cared deeply for her, and would admit that he found her beautiful, b
:icondiamond-operation:Diamond-Operation 12 1
Eyes :iconaohimeee:aohimeee 6 2 Shiro from NGNL :iconaohimeee:aohimeee 18 1 Kurumi tokisaki :iconaohimeee:aohimeee 13 1 Asada sinon :iconaohimeee:aohimeee 2 1
Day 21: Cooking
If they weren't eating out or having takeout of some kind, Loki did all the cooking in the relationship, considering Darcy had once burnt a pot of water. In fact he banned her from the kitchen if it involved cooking anything more than a grilled cheese, and that was if he was supervising her the whole time.
Loki could still remember a time when he had cooks that did this for him. Now he had to fend for himself. Darcy promptly calls him a spoiled brat whenever he brings these facts up. He grumbles about it, but otherwise bites his tongue.
Today it had started off raining when they woke up, continued to rain as they worked, and was still raining when they got home. Neither of them felt like going out in this weather, so when they returned home from work, Loki went into the kitchen to search for something to cook up. At least they recently got groceries so there was plenty to choose from.
"How about salads?" He mused, glancing over his shoulder at his woman with a spark of mischief in his
:iconfangirlmasquerade:fangirlMasquerade 3 11
Day 20: Dancing
The night was actually shaping up to be pretty decent. Even Loki was relatively pleased by how the night was going. And unlike his first experience at a Midgardian gala, he didn't have to rip out anyone's eyeballs or kill anyone. Though he was pretty sure if he did, Darcy wouldn't necessarily be turned off by his actions. The Norns know how much he loved his woman.
The food and drinks that were being served was high dollar and it tasted every bit of it. Darcy had managed to get a whole meal in and a couple drinks, though it took more than that to get her tipsy. Loki was pretty much immuned to getting drunk on Midgardian alcohol, having told her once that it's diluted compared to the alcohol they serve on Asgard.
They'd been mingling for about thirty minutes now when the music started to change, the musicians playing music fit for dancing to. Everyone was starting to pair up and begin to dance with the music's flow. Even Thor took Jane out on the main floor to dance. Loki watched Thor a
:iconfangirlmasquerade:fangirlMasquerade 2 6
Day 19: In Formal Wear
A large gala was being hosted by none other than Tony Stark, and he'd invited everyone that was anyone to be there. Even Barton showed up with his wife. Apparently it was for something super special or important, not that Darcy had bothered to fully read his email invitation he'd sent to her and Loki. She just read the part about what time to show up, what to wear, and that there was going to be free food and drink.
Good enough for Darcy Lewis.
Loki didn't care to show up for another of Stark's parties, but Darcy insisted they go. So they went shopping for some nice formal wear for the gala. Darcy chose a sleek, strapless black evening dress that hugged her form perfectly and shimmered with every move she made. It ran all the way down to her feet, and the back dragged on the ground, even with her black heels she'd worn.
Loki's attire was similar to what he'd worn to the first Midgardian gala he'd been to. Darcy was quite pleased he could pick out his own formal wear and rock it better
:iconfangirlmasquerade:fangirlMasquerade 2 7
(Vampire!LevixReader) Chapter 6
“Levi!” you called out to your boyfriend once you had arrived home.
“What’s wrong?” he asked, hearing the panicked tone of your voice.
“We need to leave,” you said. “We need to find some way to disappear.”
He gave you a confused look. “I thought you liked your life here,” he said, grabbing your hand and forcing you to sit down next to him on the couch.
“I do,” you replied. “But…Erwin…he says he’s going to kill you.”
Levi sighed. “Is that all?”
“What do you mean?” you gasped. “Don’t you think he’d do it?”
“I think he’d try,” Levi explained. “But there’s no way he could get away with it. Even if he could manage to kill me, which is unlikely, then he would lose the woman he loves forever and most likely be sent to prison for murder.”
“He doesn’t love me,” you objected.
Levi raised a
:iconsurveycorpsmember:surveycorpsmember 14 24
(Vampire!LevixReader) Chapter 5
You were woken up by the annoying sound of your alarm clock the next morning. You weren’t even sure why you kept it. Since Levi hardly ever slept, he usually woke you up in the morning, but not today.
You reached over and turned it off. You began to sit up before strong arms pulled you back down.
“Don’t leave,” he begged. “Take the day off.”
“Levi, I can’t,” you mumbled as you attempted to squirm out of his grasp, but you couldn’t find the energy.
“You’re still weak,” he told you. “Call in sick. Rest.” He gently kissed the two small holes that he had left in your neck.
Suddenly, you remembered what had occurred the night before. You recalled how Erwin attacked you, how Levi had defended you and gotten hurt, and how you had allowed him to drink your blood in order to regain his strength.
Realizing that he was right, you nodded in agreement and snuggled back into him. He sighed in satisfaction and k
:iconsurveycorpsmember:surveycorpsmember 16 2
(Vampire!LevixReader) Chapter 4
Levi watched you as you slowly drifted off to sleep in his arms. He had moved in with you a few months ago, which meant that he never had to leave your side.
His heart swelled as you snuggled closer to him and placed a gentle kiss on his bare chest. He loved this closeness; he craved it. Going without it for a year only made him appreciate it even more.
He hardly remembered his life before you, and he couldn’t imagine his life without you. You were his whole world. He feared what he would be doing now if he had never met you.
He didn’t need to sleep. He could, but he didn’t need to. Whenever he did fall asleep, he would find himself having a horrible nightmare. So, instead of sleeping, he would watch you, drinking in your form with his eyes.
He watched as your chest rose and fell against his. Then, his hand moved to your back and began drawing gentle circles on your skin.
He gazed into your face. You looked so peaceful, and it took every ounce of willpower within him
:iconsurveycorpsmember:surveycorpsmember 17 2
(Vampire!LevixReader) Chapter 3
You leaned back in your chair and sighed in distress. Out of all of the unpleasant things in this world, paperwork was the single task that you despised the most. Luckily, there were only about five more minutes before the workday ended.
“Long day?” the tall blonde standing next to you inquired.
“Yeah,” you grumbled. “What about you? You had an interview, right? How did that go?”
“Please, (Name), do you doubt my skills?” He teasingly raised one of his majestic eyebrows. “The promotion practically belongs to me now.”
“I’m sure,” you giggled. “You’ve always been good at things like that, Erwin, and I envy you for it.”
“If it is a skill you want to improve on, I can show you a few things,” he suggested.
“Really, you would do that?” your eyes widened.
“Of course,” he said with a smile. “You have so much potential; it’s wasted keeping you here all d
:iconsurveycorpsmember:surveycorpsmember 16 8
Reader x Sebastian - What Would You Do For Love?
Reader x Sebastian – What Would You Do For Love?
Warning for cringe and possible OOC
You cling to Sebastian’s chest, tears glinting in your eyes. “He can’t do that! He can’t do that…” you muttered over and over again. No matter how many times you tell yourself those words, you knew, deep down, he could. Ciel was smart.
         Sebastian tips your chin up and looks into your bright coloured eyes. “Sadly, he can, (Y/n). I’m sorry…” He bows his head in shame, “I couldn’t be one hell of a butler for you.” With that, he cracks the smallest of smiles.
         Cupping his face with your hands, you shake your head and whisper, “No, Sebastian, you were better than that. You are better than that. He can never take that from you.”
         He kisses you gently before a sharp voice barks. “Sebastian! Seeing
:iconmythiica:Mythiica 21 12
(Vampire!LevixReader) Chapter 2
Levi walked into your messy apartment, shuddering at the sight. You hadn’t bothered straightening up before you went to work, so there were empty cans, potato chip bags, and pieces of notebook paper scattered on the floor.
Luckily, he was always in the mood for cleaning. He would scold you later, but, now, his main priority was to make your apartment livable.
You closed the door, locking it behind you. As you looked around, you were afraid you had entered the wrong apartment. The once disorganized living space was now sparkling to the point where it almost blinded you.
You figured Levi was here. Since you had gotten annoyed with him breaking into your apartment all the time, you had decided to just give him a key.
You limped over to your drawers and began to rummage through them.
“Levi!” you whined. “I told you not to clean without my permission! I can’t find anything now!”
He suddenly appeared from behind you, a dark look in his eyes.
:iconsurveycorpsmember:surveycorpsmember 29 7
(Vampire!LevixReader) Chapter 1
You tugged on your boyfriend’s sleeve, begging him to follow you.
“Come on, Levi!” you pleaded. “I’m hungry.”
“Tch. You’re always hungry, brat,” he mumbled as he crossed his arms, refusing to budge.
You grabbed his arm. “Pleeeeeeeeeeease,” you said sweetly as you rested your head on his shoulder. “It’ll only take a minute.”
“It’s freezing out here. How can you eat ice cream?” he asked.
“I can eat ice cream anywhere, anytime!” you said, crossing your arms.
He rolled his eyes as his hand dove into his pocket. “Here,” he grumbled as he handed you a few bucks. “Don’t be long.”
“Thank you, Levi,” you said as you pecked his cheek before rushing inside.
You were in a loving relationship with the man of your dreams, Levi Ackerman. You had met through mutual friends and had now been dating for about a year.
Although, not all things were
:iconsurveycorpsmember:surveycorpsmember 32 8
Mature content
[forever will be.] vampire!levi ackerman {au} :iconerianna3707:erianna3707 196 42

The majority of you responded and said that you'd like an Avengers series, for which I already have an idea. But would you rather read: 

4 deviants said An X-Reader?
No deviants said Or something with my OFC, Catalina Acosta? If this turns out to be the favored result, I'll upload the story chapters with a picture of her.



CatalinaAcosta's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hello~~! I'm a full-time student, part-time artist/author, I love watching all sorts of animes, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Tom Hiddleston, Marvel movies, etc
I love Loki, Tom Hiddleston, Bucky, Sebastian Stan, Killua Zoldyck, Yami Bakura/Akefia, Beyond Birthday, Adam (from Only Lovers Left Alive), Lost Silver, Hoodie, Glitchy Red, Tom Hiddleston, Amaimon, Mikaela Hyakuya (From Seraph of the End), Kanato Sakamaki (from Diabolik Lovers), Levi, Tom Hiddleston, Draco Malfoy, David Tenant, Tenth Doctor, Spain (from Hetalia), Eric (from Phantom of the Opera), Tom Hiddleston....There's more, I just can't remember them just now :P
Just found that there are 0 or close to 0 Jason Dean stories, from Heathers. I aim to rectify that. If anyone can prove me wrong, PLEASE direct me to the stories, I love this sociopath~!
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